No One Left Behind (NOLB) believes that America’s military veterans and similarly impacted first responders deserve the full measure of care and assistance they need to live with dignity, hope and independence.

Our purpose is to facilitate the transition from military to civilian life by creating the programs and building the structure that will ensure the most efficient delivery of healing services to the anticipated hundreds of thousands of veterans expected to reside in Arizona in the coming years.

We will fulfill our mission and purpose by:

  • Educate the public on the urgent needs of service members entering civilian life post Iraq and Afghanistan wars (OEF/OIF).
  • Launch a public relations campaign utilizing, in part, inspirational veterans who have overcome personal challenges post OEF/OIF.
  • Create a Virtual Solutions Center as a repository of existing mental health and peer support services that have demonstrated impact on the community.
  • Identify and collaborate with the most impactful community entities and professionals that have the ability to expedite healing services.
  • Ultimately, develop a business model that includes integrated development/fundraising methods to raise the capital needed to build and maintain a physical campus; it will provide all necessary mental and physical health services, as well as assistance in the reentry into civilian life (personally and professionally).

No One Left Behind (NOLB)

Transition from military to civilian life can be a daunting task, and for many people it’s a confusing time. For some service members, separation from the military can be an overwhelming personal experience, create financial hardship, and contribute to the already challenged family system. A successful transition can be accomplished by helping the service member clarify their personal and professional goals as well as identify their plans for achieving those goals.

In the aftermath of World Wars I and II, American Legion and VFW posts provided havens for returning service members to gather for camaraderie and support that they were used to experiencing while serving. Not unlike other team-oriented professions, such as professional sports, veterans don’t miss the rigor and work, they miss the esprit de corps. While both the American Legion and VFW have proved invaluable, a new generation comes with its own priorities, and requires a new approach and safe harbor to address these concerns, interests and personal development.

The Solution

Utilizing the non-profit, tax-exempt, IRS designation of a 501(c)(3) organization, FOF will deliver educational, workforce development and care and comfort programs to our veterans. No One Left Behind (NOLB) Centers will provide a place for veterans and service members, including National Guard, to find assistance and encouragement, training and advice, entertainment and activities, alone or in concert with their former comrades-in- arms.

No One Left Behind (NOLB) Center

A place for veterans and service members to find assistance and encouragement, training and advice, entertainment and activities, alone or in concert with their former comrades-in-arms. Solutions with referral services to collaborative businesses and support agencies will also be facilitated through our NOLB Centers.

NOLB Center


Friends of Freedom Programs


Suicide Prevention

General Support

Education & Awareness

  • Veteran Engagement/Mobilization Luncheon
  • Cigar Socials
  • Translating Military Service Into Marketable Skills
  • Art of the Possible€ Video
    Workforce Development
    Monthly Career Roundtables
    Entrepreneurial Incubator

Corporate Veterans Back-To-Work Program

Find Jobs Now – Immediate Job Placement

Morale! Friends of Freedom Style!

Cigar for Soldiers
Snowball Express
Salute to the Troops€ Las Vegas Getaway

Lamia Afghan Foundation

The success of our mission depends on your generous support! 

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