Friends of Freedom is always on the look out for volunteer’s everything from individuals who want to make a difference. To Major Corporation who wants to make “community enrichment” projects for your employees.

If your interested in finding out where you fit in or have an idea to how you can help please feel free to contact us.

If it’s urgent please call: Greg O’Brien, 1(480)286-5777

To give you an idea; these are some of the ways FOF has served Service Member in the past.

Over the past ten years, Friends of Freedom has made a significant impact in the lives of active duty military, veterans and their families.

Patriot Day Awareness Event – From 2008-2012, 14,000 patriots have attended this FOF event. 1 in 3 are service members/veterans and their families. Patriot Day shares with them FOF services and programs that they can access.

Community Cigar Socials – FOF founder, David D. Haddad, on behalf of FOF, has facilitated “cigar socials” nationwide (San Diego, Newport Beach, Las Vegas, Sonoma, San Francisco, Orland, Dallas, Phoenix, NYC, Nashville, D.C.) resulting in the delivery of over 600,000 cigars personally delivered to combat and non-combat areas worldwide. Leading to morale and welfare ‘cigar socials’ in forward operating bases.

Translating Military Service Into Marketable Skills – Over 700 attended over the past 2 years to learn how to work with returning service members and various business sector professionals.

Cigars for Soldiers – Over the past 10 years, 600,000 cigars have been provided to service members as a morale boost
★ 15 different countries
★ 3 battle carrier groups
★ Every branch of service
★ Department of Defense
★ 4-Star Generals
★ Captains of Industry
★ Iraqi Leaders

Snowball Express – Over $150,000 in support and in-kind donations have been provided since 2009 for this event where 1,200 children who have lost a parent due to current military conflict gather for support and fun every year.

Salute to the Troops – Since 2009, over $100,000 in financial and in-kind support has been contributed to bring over 110 severely wounded in-patient service members for 4 days of respite in Las Vegas.

Lamia Afghan Foundation – Since 2009, over $20,000 of financial support and supplies have been provided to assist the building of three schools in Afghanistan. This is a collaborative partnership with Lt. General John Bradley and the Lamia Afghan Foundation and includes collecting blankets, seaters and shoes to create a working relationship between our service members and the communities affected by the Taliban and terrorists in Afghanistan.